This spoken word piece was written for a performance at Nabisunsa Girls School and shall never be performed elsewhere again. It was written in a hurry and not much thought went into organization of words and punctuation. :-p

I had the mantle piece
I could feel the metal freeze
saw the face plead;
saw the soul bleed
Didn’t want feelings to mislead
So, I let the lead’s lid slip
That was death dream

I let the trigger slip
And I woke death from sleep
A curl, a flicker and a smile on my face
I’d started, and now I had to pick pace
Like Saul I slaughtered the non-believers
In my mental they had to be cleaner than nuns’ livers
Pin point! Pen tip to point and wrote off their stupidity
Though darkness came forth, I picked out my targets with a poet’s precision
And plundered beyond a pirates’ admiration

stupidity of the masses stood up against me
Backed by hypocritical politicians, procrastinating doctors;
narrow minded askaris and old school literature teachers
They squeezed me in a corner and broke my weapon of salvation
My pen!
My hands quivered and I lost my cool;
ravaged stupidity with my mental organ
Chopped of my index finger and scribbled with blood on the wall
Yeah, the writing on the wall was my doing!

the battle is far from over
And I call upon the spirits of great departed poets
To reach out to the timid of my lot; humble and baby talking poets
To pick up pen and tattoo shame on my face
So that one day poets shall rise back to the throne
And stupidity of the masses shall become our slave!

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