The subject under observation is a class A digital native; he does not only learn from the internet, he adds to it’s exponentially bulging resource sack. Online hours are 4-6 hours a day, on normal days, with a +/- 2 hours for unusual days. He is also known to exhibit symptoms of the facebook addiction epidemic; claims to posses the ability to communicate like birds i.e tweet; and runs 2 blogs… including this one
The digital native under observation was subjected to an inhumane condition. His modem was kept unserviced from him and his RJ-45 cable temporarily passed on to a fellow to own; for a period of 30 earth days. He was therefore to rely on the university’s unreliable wireless internet for emails and other internet activities that his lot engages in.
The results
  1. A drop in the amount of knowledge gain. There was a drop in academic and recent events knowledge gain.
  2. Work on already started projects accelerated exponentially with some coming to near conclusions after months of delay. At least subject’s anthology is ripe for print.
  3. A massive improvement in relationships with the people closer physically. However, relationships with digital colleagues dropped.
  4. Improvement in health due to increased physical exercise. Weight loss and, believe me or not, muscle gain. Also stress levels were cut down.
  5. Slowed business! Coupled with loss of clients.
Interestingly, access to facebook was not barred; the subject struggled to access it by all means possible and thanks to facebook mobile, he was successful though with limited applications and interest to spend long hours online.

None. During the month of study, the subject realized a philosophy which governs his actions, well pretty much; that there is no knowing the truth. Conclusions are inappropriate for a young mind seeking to understand the physical world and concurrently, the digital world.
Load File to Federal database… 89%

3 Replies to “Report on a digital native under intended restraint

  1. Frank, this is totally awesome. You kept me hooked until the end.
    I love the scenario. I just pictured myself in the same situation;) Wink Wink!!
    Except for my results, instead of having a total of 5, I would have had 7 as:

    6. Increased traffic to my Phones(SMS/Calls) asking what’s up..

    7. Taken to hospital and given sleeping pills.

    Internet going to make me crazy. You need to read this:

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