I had a dream to take a walk
Along a stretch I heard others talk
Of how that path no rain can soak
You talk that walk. You get a mock
I knew I had the key, to open the lock
And never did need a door to knock

The strong desire only raised my thirst
A bunch of keys; I tried blood first
Clotted in my throat and stained my shirt
My life to horizontal and my mouth shut
Risked my destiny, yet I couldn’t shout

Next I tried a key labeled wine
Forgot the clot and lived like swine
Spilled a little, did not mind the stain
They talked my walk and did resign
Over my kingdom I never could reign
Empty head! I could drown in the rain

Then did I try water, one of the keys
Soaked my throat and erased my stains
Blood is thicker; water yet cleanses
No matter the grudge, kept the clot in my veins
Credit to that glass-the butterfly princess

Still they talk, and till destination I walk
The day today is Once, I hope they talk my walk

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