The clock ticks as the bricks erode
Faces of pain from the night before,
Read my thoughts and sprinkle onto walls
Graffiti! The sour trickles of my wails

The lanes are wide enough for 4-Wheel drives
By they drive and spit thick fumes of anger
Inciting the lazy drunk to wield razor sharp knives
Heart once molten, hardened towards the stranger

The young fight hard for what they love
The elders keep grasp on what they have
Too little to keep! Too little to give!
Don’t swindle my keep and expect me to forgive

Lines are drawn when weapons are drawn
In tears they drown those worthy of the crown
For reasons uncertain they drag the lines
Or cross to the side that’s rigged with mines

Life is a game or a story or neither
A fool at a time but never forever


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