Even as I type this, I can’t resist but smile devilishly . The thought of it gives a rushing tingling down my spinal cord. I may not be able to successfully fight this. Every moment I close my eyes and listen to my inner voice, I can hear him grumbling about procrastination. Then I start to envision the action. You, pinned and begging – at times cursing – for your life, calling deity after deity, screaming your lungs out and gasping for breath. I on the other side panting and grinning, satisfied with the expression on your face that indicates surrender.

I want to hear you say the obvious, “You are killing me!”. I won’t stop; I will make it last a little longer and then forever. I won’t stop because the devil in me is just awakening to the moment. I shall bring forth my worst – best in this case. I shall take you on brief and everlasting tour of peaks and valleys, vast open lands and fling you into space. Yes, I want your last visuals to be thrilling but I also want your last words to be the dirtiest you’ve ever spoken. I’ll then cast you between a hard and a hot place. I’ll blow your brains out as you shout the dirtiest incomprehensible words in the galaxy. I will then take this blog post down. I know you’ll smile after all this. ;)

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