My mind rages with possible impossibilities
Fear grips man as dare grips my thoughts
I’m sickened by the days and man’s abilities
My heart is cracked yet stronger than concrete pots
I cry to hide happiness and laugh to wade off fear
Water forms in my mouth and turns to beer

While all this was happening to me
I felt life had no purpose, except to be
And every existence was nothing but my thoughts
None did I know, the spirits of poets resided in my broths

When my thoughts went beyond man’s boundaries
The spirits of poets came to my rescue
They pushed me to empty my dark granaries
I attempted to keep the lock as rusty
But they demanded what my mind seeks with vagaries
And so I spoke, without holding back

I seek to speak the heavenly tongues
And express myself without folly
Get every girl to believe every word I say

I seek to speak the tongues of slave masters
Order for a snack and get served dinner
Talk in my sleep and still get my dream orders served

I seek to speak Chinese, Greek and Arabic
Read original manuscripts of indented philosophy
Write and speak to the sick minds with proper psychology

I seek to speak the tongues of dictators
Gain recognition by the United States president
Start a war that ends in Hollywood cinemas
Maybe even watch some CNN footage live
I seek to speak the tongues of Elephants
Say not a word and yet have my way
Tread on grasses and give no apologies

I seek to speak the tongues of scientists
Use predicative mathematical algorithms to intimidate rich men
Answer the press with complex chemical compositions when pressed
Describe poetry with quantum field theories

I seek to speak of the suffering citizens
Yet speak for my stomach
I seek to speak of the gospel
Yet judge the first act gone wrong

I seek to speak! I seek to speak till the heavens give me their own dose of poetry…

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