How to innovate and win tech awards

Hello there. Have you entered into competitions every now and then but never won? Do you ever feel that your idea was not good enough even though your implementation was awesome? That is probably why you are not winning. Do you want to change your luck forever? Do you want to win next year’s Imagine Cup and ACIA awards? Really? Well then my good friend, read on. After years of Kung Fu training, sniffing through CIA intelligence, fasting and idling on tech blogs and news sites, I have finally unlocked the secret to “innovating” for awards. We are going to come up with an award winning tech innovation in less than 1 hour. But before we start, let’s get some guidelines that will help us along the way.

  1. Thou shalt NOT think outside of the medical field
  2. Thou shalt NOT research NOR work on the implementation
  3. Thou shalt make use of a smartphone (because of course!!!)

Okay folks, now that we have our rules all set we can begin “innovating”. But first let me grab a cup of coffee. Oh my stomach! Jesus I was just from the bathroom a few minutes ago. Okay I am back and I think I have my idea. So I was in the john and I got to think — hardly — if there was a way to diagnose diarrhea. See? We could save millions of lives of people with smartphones could be able to tell irregular bowel movements before it gets to the pants. Let’s all have a moment of silence for this light bulb florescent moment! First off we need to make sure it’s non-intrusive diagnosis. A simple way is to acquire audio signals from the lower abdomen. For this we need an electret mic with a pre-amp. There is this one on SparkFun. Now we connect it to the 3.5mm jack pinout on the smartphone. For portability we shall fit the mic on a belly belt. I couldn’t find an appropriate one for all sexes on Amazon but I hope we can design one. The next stage is of course writing our android application. Let’s keep it simple. Remember rule number 1? Yes that’s right, we must not overdo anything because that may mean we risk losing to some guy who has done less. Okay so once someone has tied our belt and started out app, it shall bring a form that asks a couple of questions and then run an “algorithm” in the background to assess your weather conditions. home page Ladies and gentlemen! We have an award winning innovation. Now let’s just apply for Imagine Cup, ACIA and Orange Community Innovations Awards! Please let me know if there are any other awards I can apply for.

PS: APK for Android devices to come soon.

Update: I lost this APK and source code. I’m working on another and I’ll make sure it gets to the Playstore this time around

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