I have come to the realization that I am so lazy; not that I wasn’t aware of this. I knew it. I just never took the time to reflect upon my pile of procrastination byproducts. Yet, when I reflected upon my empty blog that took months to get done and still won’t get new content to this day, I realize I am just another normal human.

I hate being normal. Normal people scare me, especially the middle age normal people. I see them everyday – hopping into a taxi with worn out suits, looking frail and exhausted at all times and always complaining about the government and other people’s personal affairs. I don’t want to be like them so I try hard to come up with brilliant ideas. I have thought of such things as building a private moon that abnormal people such as Richard Branson can hire for selfish purposes. However, I have a problem. I know a lot of abnormal folks on facebook!

Everyday, I am compelled to check out posts by James OnenBwesigye, Ronald Kasendwa, Trustus and a few others with a dessert of pictures from some facebook pages – No Hope For The Human Race and I Fucking Love Science. Many times I am in disagreements with James’ and Bwesigye’s opinions but it’s interesting to realize how stupid other human beings are by following the comments. Those have often led me to unhealthy debates and by the time I am done, the damn ideas have been moved from memory cache to permanent storage where I never have the guts to dig them out. Despite all this, there’s always that unfathomable force that misleads me to check out their latest posts. I guess it’s some kind of Chuck Noris force.

Chuck Norris was born on March 10th. I was recently happy and disappointed to learn that my idea of International Day of Awesomeness is not new and is celebrated on Chuck Norris’ birth date. I was happy that it exists and there is some one out there almost as awesome as me. I was rather disappointed to learn that very few ever celebrate it and I am going to get my friends to make this year’s international day of awesomeness very franksome.

PS: Franksome is a word used to describe infinite awesomeness. Add it to your dictionary.

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