You’re back. Of course you are. I need you and you’ll always come back. I think you need me too. I don’t know why. All I know is that you keep coming back. I do envy you; you’re immaterial and your existence is bound by no parameters. Curse Flint! I suppose you’ve explored the outer realms of our galaxy. Did you find man there? Ah, this really is you. I can tell from the obsession you have with wild cleavage. Tell me where you have been. Oh yes I do seem to recall. Yesterday you were quite unusual; we were. Who was she? Let’s not think about her. She’s the devil’s fairy.

I had had one too many. Ah, whom am I kidding? Remember how she walked in and we were stunned. Did she even notice us? I know she ignored us on purpose. Why, hugging everyone so tightly, when she approached us she only smiled and did the “I’m watching you” with her fingers. By Gar! Oh, wait a minute. Does she even know you? Does anyone else really know you? She may like you more than me. Obviously, I am her least favorite person. But that doesn’t excuse her dragging that guy to where I was having my peace and kissing him. I was staying away. She could’ve done it anywhere else. Why? Why? Why? Did you say something? Oh yeah, why do I care?

I don’t know. I think I am trying to replace the one who left with her. But they are different. By Gar! If memory serves half the better, I know I wanted both at the same time. Maybe you need one and I need the other. You know sometimes I just don’t trust you. You have a way of hypnotizing me to do your duty. I feel hungry. I hate this feeling. It makes me think too much. Like about her. Oh, I’m not letting that go yet. I have no need for her. In fact I always forget her the next day till we meet again. This is the first time I am thinking about her today. Yes, she is fun…and a bit reckless with character. I have no place for her in my life. Ha ha ha…mbu “my life”. Look I know you know something you’re not telling me. Do you know what I envy about you? Nothing. And that’s because I am naught of the variable forms of feeling. It is only the insane man that shall invest logic in trying to deduce another’s cause. Man is random. You’re random too. Please leave…

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