I often get dreams of a place I have come to paint
The sands are white and soft as her voice
The waters roar and whoosh with gentle waves
Sweeping on the shores, abandoning treasure
that it picked on it’s journey from the middle of the seas

The sun the sky and white clouds battle for glory
Birds, huge and small swirl in circles
The winds swish and the palm leaves respond with joy
The winds whisper to me her name, I listen carefully
I can hear her voice singing with a mysterious tone

That incites a feeling of melt within my heart
The dolphins loop out and back into the waters
A far away boat rocks gently from the winds
The breeze casts upon me a spell to smile forever
And the birds sun their last as the sun sets over the waters
Where only the sailors at the forbidden cabin have been

The winds swish and swoosh louder and gentler
Her whispers grow intense and musical symphonies it births
The night skies are clear of the beautiful white clouds
The stars battle for glory and I lay on my back and watch
Her face appears again among the stars
The outline so clearly marked by the glaring beautiful stars
She whispers with the wind and smiles from the skies
Illuminating the feeling of melt that in my heart

Oh cupid, shall you not spare a man for a day!
Yesterday I had this same dream and woke up to nothing
And yet I desire to dream this night after day, day after night.

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