I shall kill you

Even as I type this, I can’t resist but smile devilishly . The thought of it gives a rushing tingling down my spinal cord. I may not be able to successfully fight this. Every moment I close my eyes and listen to my inner voice, I can hear him grumbling about procrastination. Then I start to envision […]


I have come to the realization that I am so lazy; not that I wasn’t aware of this. I knew it. I just never took the time to reflect upon my pile of procrastination byproducts. Yet, when I reflected upon my empty blog that took months to get done and still won’t get new content to this […]

The Wasted Laboratories and Brains of Africa

In my two years I have spent at university trying to piece together the meaning generated out of the bits that make up the word ENGINEERING, I have only met more absurd situations – some expected, others not. I have seen the noblest of professors chew money like cud and dare not place a foot […]

From the Mice to the Vice

What’s the worse that can happen to the digital prosumer? (Yes, I stole that term from some Youtube Video and intend to popularize it; it means the producer-consumer). I know you’d say taking whichever device s/he can use for accessing the most basic app like Notepad. If that’s your answer then read on; if it ain’t […]

5 Spine Spinning Tests

Lecture Note 5A Tests Tests, as per this post, are man made events primarily intended to scare 6 hells out of any other human. The one who conducts the test is always the master of the moment, and can only be pleased with bribes. The one who takes the test is the slave and has […]

Report on a digital native under intended restraint

FILE: FEB06-MAR08 Subject The subject under observation is a class A digital native; he does not only learn from the internet, he adds to it’s exponentially bulging resource sack. Online hours are 4-6 hours a day, on normal days, with a +/- 2 hours for unusual days. He is also known to exhibit symptoms of […]

University of Mogadishu – Dan Eldon

A modern laboratory at the University The University of Mogadishu is an open smoky-air classroom in Somalia. The main branch is in Mogadishu but it has many branches spread out over the country. Opened in 1991, the university charges differing fees per student for lessons. There are no lecturers, and therefore lectures. Learning is from […]

Changing cultures; loss of the “time for …” factor

Changing the way and mode of communication has always been known to impact on cultures. A positive development in communication, for example leads to effective communication with a wide range of other cultures, thus integrating some aspects of these other cultures into our current existing ones. For a digital native today, what time it is […]

At the late day roadside market

It is getting late, about 7:30 PM. The gateman shouts out to the last person to get out. The gates are then closed; the market gates. The vendors however do not go home; they relay their commodities for purchase along the road by the market, using tadoobas as light. About ¾ of them are women; […]