The trial of Dr Jakwach: The curious old man

In my youthful days, when I retained a monstrous reserve of vitality, I was often drawn to the theaters and galleries to satisfy my mental dose of poetry and art. In truth, I often found myself in communities and establishments for reasons short of intellectual gain; as several young men are known to wander. I […]

Sobriety, Chastity and the Devil’s sister

Hi. You’re quiet. It’s been two days and one night of such torture. Pray tell me what motion or notion of my doing sparked such response. I have been aware of your presence since the last night. Is it the Canadian? Ah, but it’s becoming a matter of habit to draw words out of me […]

The questions, reality and time

Hey. It’s been a while. Why aren’t you showing up anymore? A lot has happened in your absence. I have been really eager to share with you and yet your absence has been certain. Now that I give thought to it, there’s not so much I’d like to put to your education. Besides, I am […]

The dream, the murders and the devil

I know this feeling; the slight taste of panic with an aftertaste akin to blood. Yes, blood. The bottom left of my neck hurts if I tilt my head to the right. Both shoulder joints are cursing my every yank of the arm with slight piercing aches. I am no stranger to this feeling; even […]

Drink, the devil and the girl

You’re back. Of course you are. I need you and you’ll always come back. I think you need me too. I don’t know why. All I know is that you keep coming back. I do envy you; you’re immaterial and your existence is bound by no parameters. Curse Flint! I suppose you’ve explored the outer […]

The puzzle, the gods and the men

Ah, it’s the little birds again. The chirping at the break of dawn. It’s funny I can actually hear their wings flap, all the way from inside here. I wonder where the other two with melodies are today. Perhaps they’ve worked all night, like me, and are just retiring to bed too. But birds are […]

Knowledge for a chicken; Goodbye Mr Oketha

“Mr Oketha is not with us any more…”, read a status update on Facebook. I scrolled past and continued down the page. After a while of endlessly scrolling about, I noticed my focus wasn’t on the sleazy picture of some city socialite or the badly cropped selfie of… I was fixated upon a mental image […]


A tale of two dozen years

Someone once told me that age is not just a number. It is a repository of awesome numbers. Numbers that are bound to ignite excitement or fear, anxiety or optimism, sadness or joy, embarrassment or pride. Since I never quote others, it’s only possible that I just made that up – but who knows, I […]

There is a conspiracy and the world is involved

This hasn’t been a good week for me. It’s been rather hard to use the word awesome to describe anything. I have had matters of the heart challenge the domain of the brain. Listen, dear fellow human, and never lift a sword against the brain. I have traversed that valley and wouldn’t dare if I […]