A day in the life of a lazy engineer to be

Time Check 07:00 The gods of slumber depart from my midst A disruptive sound fills my ears Threatening to liquefy my hearing organs Why, oh gods, did I buy this machine That angers gods of slumber daily! Time Check 09:00 I apologize to the bird screaming at me Perched on a branch I oft forget to cut […]

Saul To Stupidity

This spoken word piece was written for a performance at Nabisunsa Girls School and shall never be performed elsewhere again. It was written in a hurry and not much thought went into organization of words and punctuation. :-p I had the mantle piece I could feel the metal freeze saw the face plead; saw the soul bleed […]

Invisible Children: Mocking a Mocking Bird

My parents live in Nebbi Town, West Nile, Northern Uganda. Nebbi is a small but lively town near the DRC border. On Monday 5th March, my mum called to tell me of an event set to take place in Nebbi soon. It isn’t a sad event to be. It isn’t a planned Jospeh Kony attack. […]

Will Kill

To kill a man is a thing of beauty Hold me not guilty of insanity Recall you not the weary face That served you treachery above the ace And yet in humming you served them soup And sang them sweet melody till deep sleep Did you not smile to your other self? As if you’d […]

An Adage of Rage

I hadn’t heard from Adago Since the incident at the mine Nothing is too many years ago Nothing turns out just fine The wells of reason are under the crust Drilled and dug for by the thirsty With hope they match every morning to the mast And come out at sun fall looking frosty Lie […]

Broken Wheel

The old rusted chains turned It creaked and squeaked and started A puff of smoke from fuel burned Emerged from the pipes dented Time before a lesson learned It started rolling down the hills They watched and parted themselves None noticed it take slowly to the heels They’d taken the worst off the shelves And […]

Cupid’s Wit

I often get dreams of a place I have come to paint The sands are white and soft as her voice The waters roar and whoosh with gentle waves Sweeping on the shores, abandoning treasure that it picked on it’s journey from the middle of the seas The sun the sky and white clouds battle […]

I seek to speak

My mind rages with possible impossibilities Fear grips man as dare grips my thoughts I’m sickened by the days and man’s abilities My heart is cracked yet stronger than concrete pots I cry to hide happiness and laugh to wade off fear Water forms in my mouth and turns to beer While all this was […]

Confessions of a Poet

I have sinned and yet go free as a ship set sailThough it triggers a giggle in my little egoMy fingers bleed and I am disturbed by distant wailsOf the spirits of poetsIn the beginning of time, I cared not of the pastNeither the sun nor the moon had stories to tellAnd such was my […]

My Walk; Their Talk

I had a dream to take a walk Along a stretch I heard others talk Of how that path no rain can soak You talk that walk. You get a mock I knew I had the key, to open the lock And never did need a door to knock The strong desire only raised my […]