The Charge of The Light Brigade

This is one of my favorite poems ever. Written by Lord Alfred Tennyson about the Charge of the Light Brigade at the Battle of Balaclava during the Crimean War Half a league, half a league, Half a league onward, All in the valley of Death Rode the six hundred. “Forward, the Light Brigade! “Charge for the guns!” […]

Limping for food – true story

Limping along the dusty road Shivering beneath the cold night sky Frankie wandered about the dark Searching for a bite to buy   Hours ago he fell for a nap Broken by the weight of the day “Two hours and no more” He closed his eyes but midnight clocked   The blaring of music from […]

Of Swines and Gentlemen

Sixty seven barrels and not a drop more! Chants echoed through the hot country air Bring back ours and leave by the door! The youthful bellowed at their old mayor In light of the resurrection of what wasn’t, I stood by the old town post and wept a brook Plumes of smoke covered the dust […]

Too Lazy To Yawn

The sun set and darkness grew Still he sat as a man that’s dead Humming as sweet as a female negro To the last of rays, a farewell he bid As slow and sure as a man with wit He moved his body by one or two As he balanced his torso upon his feet […]


Leave to live

The clock ticks as the bricks erode Faces of pain from the night before, Read my thoughts and sprinkle onto walls Graffiti! The sour trickles of my wails The lanes are wide enough for 4-Wheel drives By they drive and spit thick fumes of anger Inciting the lazy drunk to wield razor sharp knives Heart […]

Africa and not a thing unlike

They crawl from sleep and drink with ease Battle the beasts of Tsavo to appease the gods that thirst the blood of twins, covered in loincloth and fed on beans picked from the wild and roasted on spears They beat huge drums made of skin of past beasts fallen and preyed by a kin pounding […]

You son of a bit! Part I

*This poem is not themed and not intended to. It’s in fact a complete waste of time – there wasn’t any time wasted really since the other option was to do nothing – and an insult to the spirits of poets. I pray you do not read it.* Rage not like the less witty Cry […]

A Kiprotich Poem

I do not really care for sports and games. I believe they give a nation false belief in progress. I have often mentioned that if the money we inject in sports in Uganda was diverted to constructing and financing laboratories and research centers, we could be winning these games much easier 10 years from now. […]

A Draco from the East

This is a poem i.e my thoughts, on the West-China battle for Africa. I hardly watch TV and I have a toddler’s interest in politics, but watching CCTV a few days ago I couldn’t help but pick interest in this battle. Why? Well, maybe it’s because I prefer Chinese literature to Western literature; or it’s […]

The Weary Blues – Langston Hughes

I love this poem so much I do not want my girlfriend to ever find out. Yesterday I was in the lab and it just kept playing in my head. I could picture a performance and little by little I got lost in that weary blues world in my head. I was there, the stage […]