Changing cultures; loss of the “time for …” factor

Changing the way and mode of communication has always been known to impact on cultures. A positive development in communication, for example leads to effective communication with a wide range of other cultures, thus integrating some aspects of these other cultures into our current existing ones. For a digital native today, what time it is […]

At the late day roadside market

It is getting late, about 7:30 PM. The gateman shouts out to the last person to get out. The gates are then closed; the market gates. The vendors however do not go home; they relay their commodities for purchase along the road by the market, using tadoobas as light. About ¾ of them are women; […]

Journey to the Honey Comb

Time check: 7:15 AM. Mission:            Travel Upcountry Destination:      Nebbi, West NileWay of Travel:  RoadBus:                   Gaagaa CoachRisk:                  ……………………… Departure:        8:00 AM…. damn it! I am still in bed! My cousin had been attempting to wake me up for about 15 minutes now. Too bad, for him, for I had just entered […]

They say, I say

This poem is a combination of two Akellos. The inspiration is from Akello my mother, denied secondary school because she is fee-male; despite her wish and desire. The real Akello here is the one the poem describes. Read on.They say, I sayI, witness to the positive destructionShall pass no judgmentBut they say I have a […]