Africa and not a thing unlike

They crawl from sleep and drink with ease Battle the beasts of Tsavo to appease the gods that thirst the blood of twins, covered in loincloth and fed on beans picked from the wild and roasted on spears They beat huge drums made of skin of past beasts fallen and preyed by a kin pounding […]

You son of a bit! Part I

*This poem is not themed and not intended to. It’s in fact a complete waste of time – there wasn’t any time wasted really since the other option was to do nothing – and an insult to the spirits of poets. I pray you do not read it.* Rage not like the less witty Cry […]

A Kiprotich Poem

I do not really care for sports and games. I believe they give a nation false belief in progress. I have often mentioned that if the money we inject in sports in Uganda was diverted to constructing and financing laboratories and research centers, we could be winning these games much easier 10 years from now. […]

A Draco from the East

This is a poem i.e my thoughts, on the West-China battle for Africa. I hardly watch TV and I have a toddler’s interest in politics, but watching CCTV a few days ago I couldn’t help but pick interest in this battle. Why? Well, maybe it’s because I prefer Chinese literature to Western literature; or it’s […]

The Weary Blues – Langston Hughes

I love this poem so much I do not want my girlfriend to ever find out. Yesterday I was in the lab and it just kept playing in my head. I could picture a performance and little by little I got lost in that weary blues world in my head. I was there, the stage […]

A day in the life of a lazy engineer to be

Time Check 07:00 The gods of slumber depart from my midst A disruptive sound fills my ears Threatening to liquefy my hearing organs Why, oh gods, did I buy this machine That angers gods of slumber daily! Time Check 09:00 I apologize to the bird screaming at me Perched on a branch I oft forget to cut […]

Saul To Stupidity

This spoken word piece was written for a performance at Nabisunsa Girls School and shall never be performed elsewhere again. It was written in a hurry and not much thought went into organization of words and punctuation. :-p I had the mantle piece I could feel the metal freeze saw the face plead; saw the soul bleed […]

The Wasted Laboratories and Brains of Africa

In my two years I have spent at university trying to piece together the meaning generated out of the bits that make up the word ENGINEERING, I have only met more absurd situations – some expected, others not. I have seen the noblest of professors chew money like cud and dare not place a foot […]

Invisible Children: Mocking a Mocking Bird

My parents live in Nebbi Town, West Nile, Northern Uganda. Nebbi is a small but lively town near the DRC border. On Monday 5th March, my mum called to tell me of an event set to take place in Nebbi soon. It isn’t a sad event to be. It isn’t a planned Jospeh Kony attack. […]

Will Kill

To kill a man is a thing of beauty Hold me not guilty of insanity Recall you not the weary face That served you treachery above the ace And yet in humming you served them soup And sang them sweet melody till deep sleep Did you not smile to your other self? As if you’d […]