Limping for food – true story

Limping along the dusty road Shivering beneath the cold night sky Frankie wandered about the dark Searching for a bite to buy   Hours ago he fell for a nap Broken by the weight of the day “Two hours and no more” He closed his eyes but midnight clocked   The blaring of music from […]


A tale of two dozen years

Someone once told me that age is not just a number. It is a repository of awesome numbers. Numbers that are bound to ignite excitement or fear, anxiety or optimism, sadness or joy, embarrassment or pride. Since I never quote others, it’s only possible that I just made that up – but who knows, I […]

Of Swines and Gentlemen

Sixty seven barrels and not a drop more! Chants echoed through the hot country air Bring back ours and leave by the door! The youthful bellowed at their old mayor In light of the resurrection of what wasn’t, I stood by the old town post and wept a brook Plumes of smoke covered the dust […]

There is a conspiracy and the world is involved

This hasn’t been a good week for me. It’s been rather hard to use the word awesome to describe anything. I have had matters of the heart challenge the domain of the brain. Listen, dear fellow human, and never lift a sword against the brain. I have traversed that valley and wouldn’t dare if I […]

Too Lazy To Yawn

The sun set and darkness grew Still he sat as a man that’s dead Humming as sweet as a female negro To the last of rays, a farewell he bid As slow and sure as a man with wit He moved his body by one or two As he balanced his torso upon his feet […]

Evolution of a rigid developer

David thinks I am the most rigid developer that has ever existed since The Big Bang. It doesn’t matter though because he’s wrong. I know a developer who is more rigid – my dad calls him Fundi. I have never known his real names but whenever we need some modifications on structures at home, he’s […]

I shall kill you

Even as I type this, I can’t resist but smile devilishly . The thought of it gives a rushing tingling down my spinal cord. I may not be able to successfully fight this. Every moment I close my eyes and listen to my inner voice, I can hear him grumbling about procrastination. Then I start to envision […]


Leave to live

The clock ticks as the bricks erode Faces of pain from the night before, Read my thoughts and sprinkle onto walls Graffiti! The sour trickles of my wails The lanes are wide enough for 4-Wheel drives By they drive and spit thick fumes of anger Inciting the lazy drunk to wield razor sharp knives Heart […]


I have come to the realization that I am so lazy; not that I wasn’t aware of this. I knew it. I just never took the time to reflect upon my pile of procrastination byproducts. Yet, when I reflected upon my empty blog that took months to get done and still won’t get new content to this […]