I hadn’t heard from Adago

Since the incident at the

Nothing is too many years

Nothing turns out just

The wells of reason are
under the crust

Drilled and dug for by the

With hope they match every
morning to the mast

And come out at sun fall
looking frosty

Lie not to such a man that
knowledge is vast

Lest you get crushed like
a beastie

He wore a face mask too

That of men who search for
the wells

I do not trouble men
without philia

I am not one known to
favor wails

He checked my temple for
signs of content

And twitched his mouth,
with a sneer

A little later and he
would be as a rodent

Such men are known to
inflict fear

I questioned man’s
authority on defining truth

His face eclipsed and his
eyes shot blood

He gnarled and started but
broke a tooth

And sooner his tears left
the mine floor in mud

To date I still hadn’t
realized the event

Agago with a smiley face
tells me of the inside

“Fear and Anger lead you
to the darkside

That was the truth you
made me realize that day

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