Someone once told me that age is not just a number. It is a repository of awesome numbers. Numbers that are bound to ignite excitement or fear, anxiety or optimism, sadness or joy, embarrassment or pride. Since I never quote others, it’s only possible that I just made that up – but who knows, I tell myself stuff a lot. I love numbers but even more I love numbers more if they have an effect on one’s life. It doesn’t matter what that effect is. Maybe numbers are the reason I am a rather insensitive being most times. Well, I gotta blame numbers since I have run out of excuses and humans to blame. So today I make 24 years of endurance of the hostile planet that ironically gives me life. I have witnessed and experienced so much yet so little to make a wise man. I do not pride myself in what I have done so far. I am actually unsatisfied with my doings and misdoings. I am not one known to dwell on matters that fall below the scale so I am gonna be reviewing only the good, the cool and the awesome.

The Good

Of my fours sisters, three have children now. Yes! I am an uncle to three! First there is Aggrey who is now about 3 years of age. Then there came along Sanchia – which means incomparable beauty and damn is that baby hot ;). Sanchia still pretends to talk but I am sure she calls me Big Uncle. Then along tagged Mason. Every time I catch a glimpse of the few strands of gray in my pili, I smile a little knowing that I deserve some more. That all good things come to an end is a lazy saying.

The Cool

Robots! Elephants! Monsters! From Asimo to the wild-lings of Queen Elizabeth to Godzilla and the freaking Kraken! The freaking Kraken! And did I mention Godzilla? Yes I did! I am finally building a freaking robot. I thought I was gonna make this my final year project but I am quite consumed on development of the smartphone and laying grounds for my company. And why did these Hollywood folks make me endure such a spell of no Godzilla? Anyway Pacific Rim quenched a little of my thirst. I am all for the freaking Godzilla. Patrick, David, Onyait, Daniel, iLabs. I did not know that work can be so pleasurable. If it wasn’t for my suffocating nerves I bet I would be churning out new ideas, algorithms, circuits and code every single hour of the day. I co-founded Butterfly with Patrick, a rather articulate brain-worm. We are currently considering renaming which I hope shall be today. Butterfly is gonna be the future of technology in our country, replacing “Made in China” tags in your homes and offices with “Ugandan Make” or “Made in Uganda” whichever way you like it. David, Onyait and Daniel are the folks I work with at Dignited, where I must be the laziest. These folks shall not rest till the information you need reaches you when you need it. They won’t see African innovations pass unnoticed. iLabs? Well that’s a whole different paragraph. iLabs is where I spend all my time when I am CEDAT. Honestly I wouldn’t even have stayed this last academic year if it wasn’t for iLabs. It is probably the single biggest pool of engineers with wide knowledge in electronics simulations and design, programming (software and hardware), telecommunications and networking & CAD designs. I do not think most of the big companies around have that kind of pool apart from CRTT. These folks started with the idea of making engineering laboratories more accessible and flexible by moving the knobs and switches online. Overtime it has expanded to give much more by involving in embedded systems, software development and now electronics design and promoting engineering in high schools.

The Awesome

I have enough friends; maybe too many? I do not know why I am friends with any of them. I must be twisted enough to have chosen these humans as my friends. But one thing for sure is that I love each and everyone of them. Each of my friends is distinct from the other by exponential factors. What is stranger though is why they accepted me as a friend. If popular opinion is anything to consider, I am quite the hard one to get along with. But what’s more awesome? I have been weighed by Cupid and found wanting!

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