I have learnt too little to indulge myself in confidence and abandon the pursuit of knowledge. In my lucky years, I have come to appreciate the enormity of the unknown and treated reality with caution. Even then, I have been wrong countless times by regarding the wrong frame. Aye, I have been misled countless times to regard certain individuals through filters manufactured by friends or foe of the character. Every time I am led down that path, it’s been a new chance to reflect upon my own designs on my associates. The reader is probably familiar with recent gossip in the tabloids and newspapers regarding my involvement in the trial of Dr Jakwach. These accusations have left me with muddy boots.

I am uncertain I shall be able to change public opinion of my character but none the less I shall try my best by publishing all the facts about my relationship with Dr Jakwach. The court has verified all these accounts and my confessions are a matter of public record now. I write these accounts because the court documents are bland and grey with official language.In the coming days and more others, I shall publish these accounts without a specific timeline or frequency forethought.

Dr Jakwach is no ordinary man. I have known him for almost all my adult life, since that cold Sunday morning when he helped apprehend an art thief at the National Theatre. During this time, I have come to change my mind countless times about his character, as would be the case for anyone. I am no judge of the High Court and I have no business in the chambers but I stand by the ruling of his innocence. We should refrain from making judgement clouded by our emotions and fueled by the tabloids. I was indeed present when the corporal passed away and I did find my colleague offering aid. Moreover, my colleague never considered death as a rightful punishment arguing that it helps the criminal escape justice; albeit at a risk of his own head!

Let’s part here today and next week I shall publish my first escapade.

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