I do not really care for sports and games. I believe they give a nation false belief in progress. I have often mentioned that if the money we inject in sports in Uganda was diverted to constructing and financing laboratories and research centers, we could be winning these games much easier 10 years from now. I know I am right… but Kiprotich’s win is a whole different story. I do not think it is a great achievement for Uganda but a great one for Kiprotich. Every one has a dream. I respect that. I admire those who achieve theirs however much they mean nothing to me. Here is a poem for Kiprotich.

To win or to win
That wasn’t the question
A caption of faithful portrayal
Feet paddling foreign ground
Not akin to the earthly home
He resolved to figure the answer

To win or not to lose
That wasn’t the question either
A generation hadn’t bothered
Gold glittered like sarcasm
Yellow was a color of the petals
He had figured the question

To win
That was the answer
And boy did he smile
And laugh his strides to golden glory

Here’s a beautiful blog post by a friend on what it really meant for a Ugandan

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