This is a poem i.e my thoughts, on the West-China battle for Africa. I hardly watch TV and I have a toddler’s interest in politics, but watching CCTV a few days ago I couldn’t help but pick interest in this battle. Why? Well, maybe it’s because I prefer Chinese literature to Western literature; or it’s because I think the West cares more about Africans than the Chinese do; or it’s because I am plain confused and irritated about all this; or maybe (not just maybe) it’s true that I am writing a movie script that strongly relates with this…

Fists unclenched
Jaws loosened
Eyes widened

We fought for glory
Changed the door lock
Gave away the keys
To the old masters

The spy eyed men knocked
Entered through the crumbling window
Replaced the old leaking roofs
A door at the back
And gave us the keys

Fists unclenched
Jaws loosened
Eyes teared

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