Time Check 07:00

The gods of slumber depart from my midst
A disruptive sound fills my ears
Threatening to liquefy my hearing organs
Why, oh gods, did I buy this machine
That angers gods of slumber daily!
Time Check 09:00
I apologize to the bird screaming at me
Perched on a branch I oft forget to cut
Today I crushed two other birds to be
Sooner or later it’d have been eaten by the cat
Time Check 10:00
I arrive as a slave in the medieval times
Crawling under windows lest I am seen late
Heaven is a place called the lab mines
Components, computers and Facebook. Hate?
Time Check 12:30
The gods of electronics shun my intelligence
As I depart to get tortured by the healer
They do not sympathize despite the shocks of glory
That I achieved after weeks of circuit poetry!

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