I have only three rules; the first is that I do not pride in what I have not achieved and the second is to never say it all. As a result of the first rule, I tend to dedicate a lot of time to learning and work. I also have a strong yearning for perfection which has only been reinforced with a case of OCD. When I get something – or someone – in my mind, I do not let go off that easily. To me, life is therefore about dreaming and making sure that when you wake up, make that dream come true before you next go to bed and dream something new. However life has it’s own games to play.

Sometimes, you stop and wonder what it is you are doing. When you make a binding rational decision to take a path out of many to a dream destination, and there comes along someone who makes you want to choose an alternative path. How does one who no longer trusts his own judgement weigh such options? Is there an app for that…

Recently, I was having a talk with a quitter friend which reminded me of my own model of path and destination. I often picture the dream as the “where” and the path as the “how”. It’s okay to change path if out of rational reason you determine that another path would be of preference. A case would be if you planned to travel from D to S via Z but on reaching B, you are called upon to pass by L, it’s okay to then abandon that path and move back to D then to S through L.

So, I find myself alone in the lab on a Sunday afternoon wondering whether the gods of mares have finally caught up with me. Is life trying to punk me on camera? Is there an app for that? Will this someone make a special impact in my life? Is there an app for that? Do I or do I not? I need an app for this… and I want her too 😉

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